We posted an amusing quote on Facebook last week that went something like this …

And it made me laugh – in fact, it made a number of people laugh.  But then I got to thinking about press and broadcast – and how so few of us want to ‘advertise’ now.  Much of this is down to digital marketing of course, but advertising, whether print or broadcast does still have a purpose.

  1. Message Control

Getting your message out at the right time is crucial to the success of any campaign.  The timing has to be right, whether you’re looking for that one perfect call-to-action or thousands.  Paid for advertising ensures that your message is ‘out there’ when you choose and where you choose. And that has to be a good thing!

In addition to having control of the timing, you have exact control over what’s being said – something you don’t otherwise get.

  1. Credibility

I wrote a literature review in the midst of the recession. The over-riding thinking from forty authors was that businesses that advertise consistently during a recession are much more likely to succeed when the recession is over.  When our customers, prospects, staff and importantly competitors see us advertising, they instinctively see success. No matter the reality, the perception is that if you can afford to spend money on advertising, you must be growing. And that brings with it confidence and assurance when it’s needed most.

  1. Augments other activity

We don’t live in a world where press or broadcast advertising in isolation will work as well as it once used to.  But advertising can add value to, and support your online activity.  We see 3000 brands every day and a potential customer needs to see your brand 7 times before they are able to recall it.  It, therefore, makes good sense to give prospects every opportunity to see your brand 7 times.

  1. Brand re-enforcement and positioning

Advertising helps to keep your brand highly visible.  A set of values underpin your brand (well, they should, if they don’t contact us). These values dictate the nature of the product or service you offer, and also what your customers should expect when they experience a ‘moment of truth’ with your brand. Therefore, brands help to set expectations, and in doing this allows us to deliver customer service excellence and extend the lifetime value of our clients.

So, if you’re stood there winking away – make sure you tell us all!

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