Love it or hate it, there is no getting away from it. Often, we are so busy around the Christmas period, that we rush (or omit!) arguably the most important email of the year. Why is it important? Because if there is one email you send that is likely to generate goodwill, it’s this one.

Of course, your Christmas campaign may well consist of more than one email, (if you are a retailer, I sincerely hope that it does). But whatever the size of your campaign, there are a few important points to remember.

No Christmas Blankets
Try to avoid sending out a quick message to all. Be specific wherever possible. If you usually send out named emails, then continue to do so. If you issue sector based topical emails, again, continue to do so. A rushed Christmas message is insincere and will be noticed – for all of the wrong reasons.

Bah-humbugs aren’t necessarily grumpy.
You may love Christmas but not everyone does. It doesn’t mean that they’re a humbug. In addition to difference in religious belief and culture – there are some who just think Christmas is too commercial and would like to keep it out of the workplace. It can be a minefield – so keep it festive, but with a touch of finesse!  Choose your images and wording carefully so as not to offend, or just plain annoy.

Use your Christmas email to signpost anything of significance (events, promotions etc) that you will be offering in the New Year. Take this opportunity to get customers excited about what next year brings – and give them the opportunity to sign up, or register interest now.

Make sure you have something to say
Don’t just send out an email because you think you should. As a minimum, validate your Christmas messages with opening hours, and most importantly, a thank you to your customers for their support during the year.

Carmen Gray – MCIM, Chartered Marketer provides outsourced marketing, consultancy and training across south Wales.