With today’s technology, it may seem crazy to think that we still use promotional printing material to market our products and services. But let’s be honest, technology is brilliant but it just doesn’t compare in so many ways to print. Promotional print is a perfect reminder of your brand, services and products, and should be a crucial part of your integrated marketing strategy.

Understanding what type of print benefits your business can be a frustrating situation, so let’s make this easier for you. There are two main methods you can choose from – digital print or lithography print. But which ones are best?

Both have their pros and cons. Much is down to your personal preferences and what your marketing or promotional objectives are.  Below are four aspects you should bear in mind when considering what print would benefit your business:

Quantity and Cost

All businesses have budgets and should be done with careful consideration. When it comes to marketing our business, think tactfully, as what your money goes on needs to benefit the business.

When it comes to set-up costs, Litho is considered more expensive for short-runs of printing, however, when purchasing high quantities of print it’s more cost-effective. When purchasing small quantities of prints, digital print is a better financial option.


We’ve all needed something last minute, and if needing print is your issue then digital print is ideal for those who need prints in a hurry. With fast turn-around and reduced waste, digital print is economical and the ideal method for low volume printing.

Quality of Print

Let’s be honest, you want your prints to stand out and be memorable, right? If your business is bright and colourful then digital print is ideal for those vibrant prints, whereas lithographic print offers a smaller colour spectrum therefore colours don’t appear as vivid. Again, if you are purchasing large volumes of print – litho print’s quality is consistent on all materials.


Image is everything, it’s what represents our brand, products and services and we need it to stand out. There’s no point designing your image and then discovering it doesn’t look that great on the material of your choice, so it’s good to test.

Both printing processes provide an arrange of options when choosing materials to print on. Usually, the same materials can be used for both processes, however, there can be some clear differences in the printed results, especially with uncoated stocks.

So in summary, for those businesses that only want low volume and colourful prints digital print is ideal, whereas litho print is perfect for high quantities of print and consistent quality.