The digital marketing sphere can be intimidating. There are 35 million status updates, 500 million tweets and 205 billion emails sent per day! The swarm of content on our newsfeed is overwhelming, unnecessary and quite frankly irrelevant. Scrolling through feeds is time-consuming and tedious, so why not make your digital life easier and streamline relevant content directly to you?

Subscription newsletters will save you precious time by bringing the content straight to your inbox. They have changed my digital life! Finding the right ones can take some time but they’ll save you hours of tedious scrolling in the long run. I get daily emails full of relevant content that I can sift through.

Some newsletters have a single, focused article that is not only relevant but useful to my digital life. Others have a few headlines with links to articles and granted, not every single headline is relevant to me, but staying up to date keeps me from getting lost in my digital life.

Suggested content feed software is extremely useful when sifting through content. A curated list of popular content in various, tailored-to-you categories highlights relevant content as it’s posted to the web. Keeping yourself up-to-date on relevant topics will keep you informed and can improve the content you produce.

Monitoring keywords will let you not only find relevant content but can also help you find out what your target audience has to say. Watching how they react to the topics you’re monitoring will be useful for your own posts. If your audience is confused, inform them. If they’re noticing a lack of provider, present yourself.

Subscribing to newsletters, setting up suggested content feeds and monitoring keywords will be time-consuming, but only to begin with! When you’ve set up your software and the content is landing directly into your inbox, your time will be freed up to focus on other aspects of your business.

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