The most successful websites are those that are continually expanding by adding new content for their visitors to sink their teeth into. If you’re not updating your content, you’re not attracting new audiences or exciting your existing ones.  Visitors won’t rock up unless there is something new and exciting to see or read – so what will move your website from the slow lane into the superfast highway?

Plan your journey
Set yourself a content schedule according to your needs.  But please bear in mind that your content schedule must reasonable and sustainable. Don’t set yourself up for failure!

A daily post on social media is entirely possible, whereas a detailed and informative blog post a day is probably not. Consistency is key here.  Rather than posting several posts a day for a few days and then bringing it to a screaming halt when you’re busy, use scheduling software and good time management to plan your content.

Make time to fuel your content
Creating good content takes time, so make sure that you quickly learn how much time you’ll need to allocate for this.

You may think that social media is relatively simple, sharing posts is very quick to do and can be done on the hop, but the creation of good content, picture posts and sourcing of relevant and interesting content can take time. Of course, the output should be short and punchy, but generating ideas and things to say can take time.    A good, engaging social media post is the perfect opportunity to grab an audience’s attention and refer them to your website.

Send them on their way
….straight to your website which is regularly updated with new products, news and resources. How much content do you have in your arsenal? If you have very few, consider creating several in one go and then posting them once a month or more – it soon builds up, giving you a little more breathing space to create new ideas without restrictive time pressures. If you get entirely into the flow and generate lots of content topics  to choose from, consider posting once a week. A regular and consistent social media and blog posting schedule gives your audience something to come back for time and time again.

You don’t have to hold a Q&A or reply to every social media interaction you get, but do pay attention to what your audience is sharing, the posts they get passionate about and the posts they aren’t showing an interest in. This will help you develop and refine your content, and vary your social media posts and blog posts in a way that is attractive to your target market.

It’s not too difficult to make the jump from the website traffic driving slow lane and into the superfast highway.  You need a plan and a little bit of time.  If you have neither, then please contact us via this link.