The Autism Directory

Carmen Gray is one of several trustees of  a charity called The Autism Directory.

The Autism Directory is an online directory website that aims to pull together the help and support that is out there and signpost families touched by autism, the help they need.

It does not intend to duplicate anything that other services provide, just simply to pull it all together in one easy to use website that can be returned to again and again to get information, support and help.

A project run by The Autism Directory is The Autism Partnership.  This project supports specific individuals that have been diagnosed on the spectrum and who refuse to let this limit their future.  From horse whisperer to consultants the sky really is the limit.  The Autism Partnership works to ensure that those who want to achieve are given the same opportunities as those who aren’t on the spectrum.

You can support The Autism Directory in a number of different ways:

For more information, email the team via They’d  love to talk to you!