A survey by the Direct Marketing Association has shown that email marketing campaigns achieve an average Return on Investment (ROI) of 144%. This is 4 times higher than the ROI for other marketing channels, including social media (28%) and direct mail campaigns (27%). With the number of email users worldwide forecast to rise to 2.9 billion in 2019, email campaigns only appear to be a growing market with advantages over alternative marketing channels. These stats lead us to believe that there’s life in the old dog yet! But do we really care?

Low Cost
Email campaigns are extremely affordable, with some platforms like Mailchimp allowing users to create and send up to 12,000 emails per month for free. Optional paid upgrades are available, but this isn’t always necessary for those with smaller databases. Email marketing platforms are relatively user friendly, and campaigns can be created in-house, or outsourced to marketing service providers.

Engaged Audiences
Email campaigns should operate on a subscriber basis. This means that the audiences you’re targeting are more likely to be engaged and interact with you because following the enforcement of GDPR in May 2018, they will (or should) have signed up to receive communication from you, OR have a specific business interest in your communication.  This makes them much more likely to be a more engaged audience who will open, read and take action in response to your communication. The information you share through email campaigns can be as technical, or as colloquial as you chose, depending on your business and who you’re sending the communication to. It’s a cost-effective opportunity to share information in as much detail as you choose, including a call to action to your website!

The ability to schedule your email marketing campaigns enables you to decide when you’d like them to land in recipients’ inboxes. This allows you to optimise open rates.  For us here at Heath Marketing, Friday morning provides higher open rates, whilst Monday afternoon is a no-no.  And to amplify this, statistics have shown that your subscribers will support your social media efforts.  They are 3 times more likely to share the campaign through their own social media channels than those who aren’t on your mailing list for you. Let your subscribers do the work for you!

As email marketing continues to grow, the ongoing advantages over alternative marketing channels stand firm. Low-cost, user-friendly campaigns are waiting for you to get on board with email marketing – ready to help you keep developing and maintaining consistent and regular marketing to potential clients, customers and referral partners.

It would seem that email marketing is still very much in vogue and an essential part of your marketing toolkit if you’re considering email marketing but don’t know where to begin, or feel that you’re barking up the wrong tree – contact us here.