Whether we recognise it or not, we’re all copywriters. Perhaps not professionally paid ones, but copywriters nonetheless.

In a working day, each of us may compose a range of written communications that serve different purposes. They might be to open sales, close sales, generate leads, share news, or any number of things.

And we write through a variety of mediums; letters, blogs, websites, emails, tenders…. and so on.

We then throw into the mix the varying levels of business relationships we have such as prospects, customers, clients, allies, routes to market, knowns and unknowns  … to name but a few!

One size rarely fits all and with so many variables, it is important to consider how to make your copy as appropriate as possible. It’s so important to get written communication just right, particularly in this digital age in which we instinctively email rather than pick up the ‘phone.

The next time you sit down to craft an email, write a letter or write your next tweet – have a think about what you’re saying, and who you’re saying it to.